About Us

Nishant Pethe and Associates, set up in 2000 is a multidiscipline Interior Designing firm established on a guarantee to customer administration and quality plan. We have a wide scope of one-of-a-kind thoughts that suit each taste and each financial plan. We understand our customers with our skill, endeavors, and exceptional group of Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, Painters, Upholsters, Site Supervisors, and so forth Hence, the customer’s time is saved, prompting heaps of business Savings to our customers with common advantages.

Setting an unrivaled norm of magnificence and flawlessness, we are known among the best Architecture in Nagpur Our skill, our unequaled energy, our unsatiated yearning to accomplish greatness, and our readiness to pay attention to our clients and offer pathbreaking arrangements make us the top Architecture in Nagpur.

We have continually tested the ordinary perspective and subsequently, given another measurement to inside planning joined with extravagance and mechanization. We practice both in private inside plan and business inside plan projects, including lodgings and resorts, office spaces, shopping malls, medical services, and instructive organizations, and conveying a remarkable mix of Comfort and style.

Our Vision

To give a comprehensive design solution from a pin to the master plan of a city and everything in between, because we truly believe that design cannot exist in isolation.

Nishant Pethe & Associates is one of the multi-disciplinary practices in the fields of Architectural Design, Interior Design, Product Design & Landscape Design in the city of Nagpur.

Nishant Pethe & Associates believe good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. It’s our aim to create spaces where people & activities thrive. Our team is capable of handling all the projects from the initial concept till the actual completion of the whole project. 

Nishant Pethe & Associates is known for their unique approach, to architecture and interior design, which is a bespoke and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style. Over the past few years, Nishant Pethe & Associates has emerged as a leading full-service Luxury Architecture, Interior Design, and Décor firm based in Nagpur and have been working across key cities in the country with clients including leaders in business, finance, and industry, as well as society, film, and politics.

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